Cyprus is an international financial center due to having one of the lowest tax rates (12.5%) in the EU. An increasing number of foreign investors use Cyprus based companies for their international business.
Tax planning is an excellent opportunity to increase the bottom line of a business. We work so closely with our clients and we always identify opportunities to save money through astute tax planning, whilst complying with the tax legislation.
Comform Services cover all taxes that affect business entrepreneurs, bearing in mind that tax is a “business” cost. Our goal as a firm is to minimize tax liabilities. Our team of professionals work closely with our clients in order to develop a clear tax planning strategy; whether this is for a business corporation or for an individual.
Our tax advisors can assist individuals or legal entities to adopt the right company structure in Cyprus or abroad in a tax efficient manner. The legal structure will affect the total tax burden on the investment by maximizing the return to the shareholder. Our experienced team examines the nature of the investment, the possible tax aspects that may arise and proposes an optimum tax structure for implementation.
Our firm strictly believes that tax planning should be a proactive approach to investment decision making, rather than a reactive one, in order to protect the wealth of a company. We make sure to let our clients know that we can also review tax exposure of an existing structure and provide restructuring options when or if needed.

Tax Compliance

Our firm provides a comprehensive range of tax services. Through our experienced and qualified team, we ensure compliance with the current local and international tax legislation which includes the following:

Tax Advisory

Tax Administration

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