Our diverse team of experts will make sure to deliver on the increasingly complex needs of any local or global businesses. Our team can assist you with the following advisory services:

Providing a full and comprehensive Internal Audit, Special Investigations and Compliance Support (MiFID) services to your business. Our certified internal auditors and experienced compliance officers are continuously trained to be up to date with all standards. We will guide and work with the clients in setting up an internal audit department and adopting an appropriate risk management framework. The main objective is to set up a framework for identifying and assessing risk and to control weaknesses. We will also offer assistance in setting up an Audit committee and introduce a focused risked based audit methodology to drive down costs.

Our team can perform a strategic review and assessment of a company’s market position; perform an internal review of the client’s strengths and weaknesses, plan for future scenarios and develop an adaptive strategy to adjust to the current market. A corporate plan can be created to guide the team. 

Under financial advisory we offer effective solutions to companies competing in the local and international marketplace. The services offered include business plans and feasibility studies, business restructuring and raising of finance, road show presentations, valuations and fair value opinion.

Our team will rely on reliable and proven financial analysis to support suggestions and decisions for our clients. The team can help identify hidden value and highlight separation issues. The analysis will identify business, financial reporting and liquidity risks.

We offer a structured approach to help our clients convert from current primary accounting standard to IFRS. This is much more than just an accounting exercise. It is a complex project that involves the whole organisation in different ways. We can help in designing a tailor-made conversion project while also managing the whole process; from the planning phase, to full and post implementation. Such services include readiness assessment, assistance with changes, reporting systems and training activities.

We offer independent business reviews and recovery analysis for troubled businesses. The review will examine the impact of the option on its lenders and shareholders.

Our team will design or re-design the Group Legal and Organizational Structure, aligning them with our client’s operations and objectives, introducing agility and improving the client’s company’s or its groups structures’ tax efficiency.

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