As the hospitality industry continues to recover and revitalize from the impact of COVID-19, the responses by both businesses and consumers have accelerated significant change.

Hotel brands are developing creative approaches to reinvigorate the existing business and develop new lines of business as the world lives through the pandemic. They have announced cleanliness policies and accelerated the adoption of technology to offer contactless check-ins, messaging, room service, mobile room keys, and more. This response to the market change has also resulted in enhanced brand standards demonstrating commitments to sustainability, alongside online marketing and increased use of technology to enhance the overall customer experience.

Both hotel brands and hotel owners have faced the challenge of various government interventions on top of the more stringent COVID-19-related safety protocols. In many jurisdictions, specific periods of closure or limits to the number of guests have also been mandated. In some jurisdictions, in response to pandemic market disruption, legislation has been introduced that prevents landlords from evicting commercial tenants for non-payment of rent. This is relevant to hotels owned or operated under lease arrangements, as well as to on-site concessions such as retail stores and restaurants.

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